• 100% safety from light - better stability and freshness of beer
  • Environmental aspect - aluminium is 100% recyclable and easier to transport
  • Better protection against oxygen
  • Hard to break
  • Fast cooling      

The stigma around the can has long since been lifted in the craft brewing world. Over the years, beers in cans have been despised for their poor quality and metallic taste. With technological advances and brewing developments towards quality craft beers, much has changed in the use of cans. After the very successful launch of the first canned craft beer in 2002, the US has revolutionised the field. There are now many craft breweries in the US that fill beer into cans and this trend has rapidly migrated worldwide. You have surely seen that more and more craft beers nowadays are packed in cans, as opposed to bottles. 

At Bevog Brewery, we really got excited about all the benefits that the can brings, and so the decision was made to use cans for all the beers we produce. Light is the biggest enemy of beer stability and the can offers the perfect protection and thus the best way to preserve the freshness of the beer itself. The can also has a great added value in terms of environmental protection, as aluminium is 100% recyclable, while the weight and size of the can also make it much more convenient for transport. 

Bevog was one of the first craft breweries in continental Europe to push the boundaries of what is normal with the launch of can production and to offer our product in this interesting and advanced packaging. From a practical point of view, the can is extremely suitable for all outdoor activities, parties and festivals as it takes up much less space than a bottle, is virtually unbreakable and cools down quickly. So when planning your upcoming weekend, remember - a can of Bevog is ready for action right away.

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