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Lola, our seasonal sour beer is as refreshing as it gets. It was created with sunshine in our minds and is best described as summer in a glass.

A double dose of the finest raspberries and blackcurrant give it a gorgeous pink colour and a wonderful aroma of fresh fruits and berries that will overwhelm you. Its light body, easy and smooth tartness combined with a low alcohol level will bring you to a sun soaked beach every time, and will brighten your day, no matter how bad it was before.

Lola lola lolaaaa!




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There are unfortunately legal limitations on international shipping of alcohol beverages. Therefore we are shipping our beer to Austria and Slovenia only.
For other countries we can ship just all of the non alcohol items. Thank you for understanding. -  If you are from Slovenia, do choose the Slovenian Shop. (Če prihajate iz Slovenije, vstopite v slovensko trgovino)


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