Humphead Wrasse

Humphead Wrasse

Cold IPA / 5,9% alc. / 0,5L

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A crisp cold IPA style beer begins with a cool bitter punch, followed by a nice resinous hoppy aroma and flavour. We used rice from a neighbouring farmer to give it a lighter mouthfeel and make it dry, without being overly bitter. We used our favourite lager yeast for fermentation. All of this really gives you a pure flavour of hops that were used: Strata, Mosaic and Citra. You could argue that it is just an IPL, but in fact the approach is different, and as you will see - so is the result.

The humphead wrasse is an enormous coral reef fish, growing over 1,8 meters, with a significant bulge on its forehead. These fish are very important to coral reef health, as they eat starfish and therefore keep populations of this damaging coral reef predator in check. Humphead wrasse populations gave decreased by more than 50 percent over the past 30 years due to illegal fishing, habitat loss, spearfishing along reefs and climate change effects.
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