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Intercultural drinking pleasure & Limitless diversity

Culture Collective is a group that enjoys fermenting. In particular the beer in all its forms, of course beside the wine, is usually responsible, for the best and connecting things remaining across all borders, so that enjoyment and “joie de vivre” have space to create something new and overcome old borders. So it is not surprising that three brewers and one winemaker - two from Styria, one from Carinthia and one from Slovenia - have found each other for intercultural exchange. Everyone - with their passion and profession, their experience and the never-ending curiosity for the brightest drinking pleasure - gets involved in order to create and enjoy spontaneous delicacies together. The beers that are created are just as spontaneous as the "finding each other" of all four. Spontaneously fermented with wild yeasts in even wilder biodynamic wine barrels. Brewed every year alternately in Carinthia and Styria, stored to rest and develop and accompanied by Manuel Ploder in the vulcanic region Vulkanland Styria. It all started with a trip to different countries, to different breweries and different winemakers. And when back again, the journey continues. Spontaneously.

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